Nature’s Design glassware is uniquely shaped to restructure and revitalise water molecules. It has been designed and manufactured to correlate with the dimensions of the Golden Ratio – also known as Sacred Geometry. 

It is the unique properties of the shape and form of Nature’s Design that distinguishes it from all other glassware. The waved forms have been precisely calculated to generate a silent vibration attuned to the Fibonacci Sequence (major chords) – a concept we call “Harmonic Resonance”. The resonance influences the vitality of the liquid within – and the environment surrounding – the glassware. The Nature’s Design concept is to create harmoniously balanced shapes and forms in glassware that have the ability to restructure water molecules to the integrity they have in nature. Structured water has an improved taste, texture and vitality, important for health and wellbeing. 

All Nature’s Design products are made from the highest quality materials. For more information visit our website: