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Tints of Nature Sulfate-Free Shampoo 250ML
Thius Shmapoo won a Silver Award in the prestigious Green Parent Awards!
Natural not nasty Our specially formulated sensitive-skin shampoo uses natural ingredients derived from coconut, aloe and chamomile. It contains no skin-irritating sulfates and leaves your hair feeling clean, manageable and helps to prolong your beautiful new hair colour. 4 good reasons to avoid shampoos containing sulfates. They: Strip hair of natural oils and make it dry-out faster Fade coloured hair with every wash Can dry out your scalp, giving you an irritated or flaky scalp Can irritate sensitive skin, especially if you have eczema
Why Tints of Nature Sulfate-Free Shampoo is good for you: 100% sulfate (SLS/SLES), salt and silicone free Gives a kind, gentle and non-irritating wash Maintains hair's essential moisture balance to keep hair shiny and healthy Contains lots of vitamin B5 content to add volume Suitable for all hair types Gentle enough to use on children Vegetarian friendly Made in the heart of the New Forest with lots of lovely, natural ingredients like: Wheat protein a natural hair conditioner and moisturiser Aloe a natural scalp soother and moisturiser Camomile flower - for natural soothing and anti-inflammatory effects